Staff Listing

Gardner's staff is an extremely dedicated group of talented individuals who use their many and varied skills to serve God.

Dr. Barron

Melvin Moss

Three things I value about pastoral ministry in The United Methodist Church: promoting an open and compassionate fellowship; the freedom to pursue deeper and more personal understanding of Godís word and his purpose for his creation;†the heart, spirit and resource to help meet the needs of others through vast outreach ministry.

Highlights from my most recent appointment: helped create a more healing, forgiving and loving community; helped to enhance the ministry outreach potential of the community; helped to create thought provoking, spirit filled worship experiences that challenge a more personal intimate relationship with the Lord.† 

I am excited about working with the church to create vitality and to make disciples of Jesus Christ by†working with the Church community to help meet needs and enlarge the Lordís kingdom.† 

Appointment History: Served New Haven - Little Rock, Emory Chapel/Hope, Mount Pleasant, Hunter, Primrose, Henderson † 

Interests/Activities/Hobbies/Religious or Civic Affiliations: Most sports, hiking, martial arts, Nedvet (veterans) Radio/TV Broadcasting 

Education Information: B A, - 3 years of Seminary, Graduated Perkins School of theology and countless Social Work/Health Certifications

Administrative Assistant
Joy Cameron

Joy is a life long member of Gardner Memorial United Methodist Church. She started working for the church in 1986. She has served as Director of Program and Outreach and Youth Director. She currently serves as Financial Secretary and Administrative Assistant. She is married and has two sons. Her family lives in Sherwood, AR.

Music Director
Chuck Goss

Charles S. (Chuck) Goss is our Director of Music. Chuck is a life-long resident of North Little Rock as well as a member of Gardner. He graduated from North Little Rock High School and obtained his BSE in Music and his Masters of Music from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville where he played in the band. Chuck is an accomplished trumpet player and on occasion treats us to some of his special renditions. He came on staff at Gardner in 1987. Chuck and his beautiful wife, Sally, reside in Little Rock.

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